The Website Objectives

The official website aims behind the personality of doctor Abi `Abd Al-Mu`iz Muhammad `Ali Farkus, may Allah protect him, a Professor of higher education at the faculty of Islamic Sciences in the University of Algiers at the service of the following objectives:

1– Introducing the doctor’s personality through consoliding his autobiography and valuing his efforts, It is also through his scientific publication achievement particularly in Islamic jurisprudence and foundations (Fiqh and Usul) and through what he took from the eminent Andalusian and Algerian scholars with both verification and explanation, understanding the original Algerian heritage in particular and renewing the Islamic one in general; and through what the doctor brought from educational activity in lectores including several scientific issues and matters.

2– Presenting his issues and fatawa with a distinct scientific style in religious orientation; calling to Allah the Almighty based on straightness and moderation and spreading it; working towards the learners educational orientation in order to acquire a potential dexterity to progress gradually up to the perfection and gathering to the caller to Allah on the Prophets, way to achieve the scientific and educational consideration emerged from the sound creed.

3– Praising his scientific capacity and evaluing his staturefor his justice and fairness repulsing the need of the harsh and troublesome who seek to lower what is great and glorify what is low and this represent a damage to the Muslims and endanger the Sunnites, unity and solidarity.

4– Opening a large field for every top writer who works on establishing the notion of straightness and moderation and raising the intentions to deal with the Islamic awareness of the Muslim you the and in sighting Muslims with the Islamic law virtues turning back to the original sources of the religion.

5– Making the website a brand of useful knowledge for guidance seekers and a leading light fir troth pursuers; connecting the common people with the aware Message hollers and informers taking away ignorance from them; correcting the deviation and depravity in settling loyalty in both know ledge and deed.

Our intentions are for Allah’s Sake. He the Most high guides to right way/

.: Every publication which has not been mentioned in the official website is not relied on, nor ascribed to the Sheikh :.

.: The website publications in other than Islamic occasions should not be kept up with the recent events of the nation or with the occurring

calamities because they are not informative publications, but they are jurisprudential, scientific and legal topics :.

.: The website administration prohibits reproducing, translating or utilizing any part of its material for trade purposes;

and authorizes benefiting from the content of the website for research

or Da`wa on condition that there should be a reference to the site when extracting information :.

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