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Sunday 23 Rabî` Ath-Thânî 1443 H - November 28, 2021 G

Fatwas about Family

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العنوان استمع الرقم
Concerning covering the face by woman 636
The obligation upon the woman observing ‘Idda (prescribed waiting period) from a revocable divorce to stay at the marital house unless she is involved in a flagrant indecency 716
The limits concerning a man's relationship with his divorcee for her children 732
Concerning the compulsory present given in the wedding party [a custom called “Tarzift”] 745
The divorce of an angry person three times in the same sitting 751
The guardian preventing a guarded woman from marrying a suitable man 757
The ruling concerning a Muslim woman marrying a disbeliever who embraced Islam by words without deeds 762
The ruling concerning the bride’s going out wearing a white Jilbâb (veil) 778
The ruling regarding a bride going to the hammam and to the hairdresser's, and adornment with henna 782
The obligation to respond to an invitation for banquet by phone or other forms of substitution which express it 799
The ruling regarding invitation cards for the banquet and writing the “Basmala”[1] on them 805
The ruling concerning the triple divorce said at the same time 812
Answering the invitation for the banquet with a complete and permissible invitation 841
Concerning the woman’s ‘Awra when being with Muslim women 862
Al-Khul` (the fact that a wife asks separation from her husband) of a woman from a neglectful man of his duties towards Allah 866
The ruling concerning the Darbuka and the validity of joining it, by analogy, to Ad-Duf 869
Adoption and its effects 918
Asking a charitable association for help in order to get married 1018