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Tuesday 6 Shawwâl 1442 H - May 18, 2021 G

Fatwas about Family

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Using henna in wedding ceremonies 132
The way of coexistence with a disobedient wife 487
The ruling regarding ululation 545
The ruling regarding the wedding banquet of one in debt 567
The ruling regarding the fact that a woman learns driving 553
The ruling regarding inviting those who abandon prayer to the wedding party 589
The ruling regarding invitation cards for the banquet and writing the “Basmala”[1] on them 805
The ruling regarding dying some hairs or some parts of the hair 598
The ruling regarding covering the lower part of a woman's chin 556
The ruling regarding a bride going to the hammam and to the hairdresser's, and adornment with henna 782
The ruling concerning using the plastic Duff (tambourine) 543
The ruling concerning the woman who goes out to work in the exigency of need 270
The ruling concerning the triple divorce said at the same time 812
The ruling concerning the engagement with an unveiled woman 513
The ruling concerning the divorce during the menstruating period 135
The ruling concerning the Darbuka and the validity of joining it, by analogy, to Ad-Duf 869
The ruling concerning the continuity of a relation with a Scripture woman for the purpose of calling her to Allah 456
The ruling concerning the condition of the first wife's knowledge about marrying a second woman 384
The ruling concerning the bride’s going out wearing a white Jilbâb (veil) 778
The ruling concerning serving "Al-Maqrût" (lozenge cakes) in the wedding morning after consummation 586
The ruling concerning saying “Yarhamuki Allâh (May Allah bestow his mercy upon you)” when a stranger woman sneezes 303
The ruling concerning revealing the sex of the fetus before birth 510
The ruling concerning marrying a woman who repented of committing fornication 179
The ruling concerning marrying a fornicatrice and attributing the baby to the fornicator 464
The ruling concerning corresponding with unrelated women via the Internet 568
The ruling concerning birth control (limiting and organizing) 153
The ruling concerning a Muslim woman marrying a disbeliever who embraced Islam by words without deeds 762
The right of the wife over her husband 131
The obligation upon the woman observing ‘Idda (prescribed waiting period) from a revocable divorce to stay at the marital house unless she is involved in a flagrant indecency 716
The obligation to respond to an invitation for banquet by phone or other forms of substitution which express it 799
The limits of seeing and speaking with one's fiancée 134
The limits of enjoyment between the husband and his wife 151
The limits concerning a man's relationship with his divorcee for her children 732
The influence of Al-Wahm on the character of the pregnant woman 174
The guardian's responsibility in choosing the suitable husband for the woman in his charge 594
The guardian preventing a guarded woman from marrying a suitable man 757
The fact that a woman bears the name of her husband 555
The divorce of an angry person three times in the same sitting 751
The disease that requires informing the suitor about 422
The criterion related to the permissibility of using pills that prevent pregnancy 169
The contraceptive pills 130
The condition of guardianship upon the Muslim woman 424
Non-influence of the relation with a non-related woman in the validity of the marriage contract on her 502
Leaving women in suspense 172
Holding the wedding banquet in wedding halls 290
Equity towards one’s two wives 173
Dressing a Muslim woman's hair 601
Dancing in the wedding ceremony 133
Concerning the woman’s ‘Awra when being with Muslim women 862
Concerning the wife who goes to the house of her family during her husband’s absence 195