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Tuesday 12 Dhu Al-Hijjah 1445 H - June 18, 2024 G

Fatwas about Sawm (Fasting)

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العنوان استمع الرقم
The ruling regarding the woman who knows that she will be pure of her menses after dawn 78
Concerning the validity of the fasting of he who wakes up in the morning in a state of Janâba (major ritual impurity) 80
Completing the month of Sha`bân as thirty days if we do not know the beginning of Ramadan by sighting the lunar crescent or by a declaration by the one who has sighted it 162
The ruling concerning not observing fasting in Ramadan due to an excuse with inability to pay Al-Fidya 202
The ruling concerning making up the missed days of Ramadan for an excused dead person 221
Concerning the obligation of fasting and breaking the fast with Jamâ`a (The congregation) 293
The ruling regarding the fasting of the one abandoning prayer 314
Concerning the permission to observe the fasting for a suckling woman and the obligation, for her, to give Fidya (feed a poor person) 317
The ruling regarding the one getting pleasure from an unrelated woman without intercourse 391
The ruling of abstaining from the fast by the pregnant woman and suckling mother 470
The ruling regarding one who moves to a country with an additional or missing day in fasting 500
The ruling concerning transferring alms of Al-Fitr (an obligatory charity given to the poor just before Aid Al-Fitr) 563
The ruling concerning expending wealthily and manifesting joy during the night of `Ashura 592
Regarding giving food to a disbeliever in the day of Ramadan 605
The ruling regarding the one who masturbates in Ramadan 735
The ruling concerning one who drank water deliberately in Ramadan then menstruated afterward 736
Regarding what is considered in fasting breakers 737
The ruling concerning selling food in a country of disbelievers during the month of Ramadan 738
Concerning observing the voluntary fasting before making up for the obligatory one 766
The ruling regarding observing fasting in Allah’s month Al-Muharram 817
The ruling concerning abandoning fasting due to ignorance 853
The ruling regarding taking the pills that prevent menses in order to perform fasting 919
Reconciling the hadiths regarding fasting the major part of Sha`bân and the interdiction of fasting the second half of it 1020
The ruling concerning annulling one's fast in order to rescue a drowned person 1061
The ruling concerning swimming for a fasting person in Ramadan 1063