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Thirsday 19 Al-Muharram 1446 H - July 25, 2024 G

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1005 The ruling about dealing with usury-based banks through permissible transactions
1018 Asking a charitable association for help in order to get married Marriage Act> Marriage Etiquettes> Fatwas about Family
1020 Reconciling the hadiths regarding fasting the major part of Sha`bân and the interdiction of fasting the second half of it Supererogatory Sawm (Fasting)> Fatwas about Sawm (Fasting)
1021 The ruling concerning wearing shoes and clothes made of pig’s skin
1023 The ruling concerning selling perfumes and cosmetics (make-up) Selling> Fatwas about Monetary Transactions
1045 The ruling concerning copying a manufactured model and selling it below its price المنتقى من الفتاوى الشرعية> المنتقى من الفتاوى الشرعية 43
1059 The ruling concerning the money paid for the worker who has nothing to work without any negligence from his side
1061 The ruling concerning annulling one's fast in order to rescue a drowned person Sawm (Fasting) Rulings> Fatwas about Sawm (Fasting)
1063 The ruling concerning swimming for a fasting person in Ramadan Sawm (Fasting) Breakings> Fatwas about Sawm (Fasting)
1072 The ruling regarding postponing mutual payment in monetary exchange transactions
1082 The ruling concerning a man being employed in an enterprise wherein he is under the supervision of a woman
1124 The conditions regarding the residency in a disbelief country and the ruling concerning the weakened therein
1173 Rulings concerning the electronic Mushaf (The Holy Qur’an)
1183 The ruling concerning visiting pagan temples
1191 The ruling concerning reading Quran or other things during work time