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Friday 25 Jumâdâ Ath-Thâniya 1438 H - March 24, 2017 G

  • .... As for closing the mosque during non prayer times for an emergency or a valid purpose or for a temporary need which does not prevent the objective of its construction; like preserving the mosque from humiliation by banning the non-qualified such as the polytheists, unbelievers and dogs from entering the mosque. Likewise, preserving the mosque’s equipments from loss and theft and suchlike. All these objectives –although they are for the benefit of the mosque- can be attained by another way without resort to closing the mosque. So, if it is possible, we can preserve the mosque from damaging and spoiling by designating a person who guards the houses of Allah (mosques), even by using modern equipments and devices in order to protect them (mosques) from misdeeds, preserve their inviolability Read ....