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Friday 8 Dhu Al-Hijjah 1445 H - June 14, 2024 G

Respect the box

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550 The ruling concerning saying “Peace be upon him” for others than Prophets and Messengers Words Weighed by Sharia> Miscellaneous Fatwas
546 The ruling regarding wearing pants Fatwas about Clothes
545 The ruling regarding ululation Marriage Act> Marriage Etiquettes> Fatwas about Family
543 The ruling concerning using the plastic Duff (tambourine) Marriage Act> Marriage Etiquettes> Fatwas about Family
541 The ruling concerning of gifts granted for advertising purposes Fatwas about Monetary Transactions
531 Attacking the fetus by abortion Common Marital Rights> Marriage Act> Marital Rights> Fatwas about Family
529 The way to treat a woman practicing sorcery Fatwas about Creed> Monotheism and What Contradicts it> Divinity and Worship
527 About accepting the present of someone whose money is mingled with illicit gains Miscellaneous Fatwas
522 In the ruling concerning benefitting from the phone of a company for a personal purpose Fatwas about Monetary Transactions
520 The ruling concerning the indemnity from commercial and social insurance Fatwas about Monetary Transactions
519 The guideline concerning performing hajj on someone’s behalf Hajj Rulings> Fatwas about Hajj (Pilgrimage)
513 The ruling concerning the engagement with an unveiled woman Engagement> Marriage Act> Fatwas about Family
510 The ruling concerning revealing the sex of the fetus before birth Woman> Fatwas about Family
505 The ruling concerning the delayed Mahr in a dissolved marriage
504 The ruling about working in the Agricultural Insurance Fund Hiring> Fatwas about Monetary Transactions