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Sunday 5 Shawwâl 1445 H - April 14, 2024 G

Fatwa n° 822

Category: Fatwas about financial transactions – Selling

Concerning possessing a commercial register


To practice any activity, traders are obliged to have a commercial register. So, is working without possessing the commercial register considered religiously forbidden? And may Allah reward you.


All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. Peace and blessing be upon whom Allah sent as a mercy to the Worlds, upon his Family, his Companions and his Brothers until the Day of Resurrection.

From a religious standpoint, the commercial register is not stipulated in commerce. However, it is imposed by the worldly authority upon the traders so that they pay taxes for the benefit of the treasury of the State. The trader since he has no other alternative to run his business except by having a commercial register which is imposed upon him, he is then compelled to run his business therewith for necessity not for a religious cause. This issue is similar to the commercial insurance which entails Gharar (uncertainty) contracts on cars and suchlike which one is compelled to deal with at least with minimum risks.

The perfect knowledge belongs to Allah عزَّ وجلَّ; and our last prayer is all the praises and thanks are to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, and prayers of Allah are to Muhammad and his Family, Companions and Brothers until the Day of Resurrection.

Algiers on Rajab the 21st, 1426 H.

Corresponding to August the 26th, 2005 G.