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Tuesday 19 Dhu Al-Hijjah 1445 H - June 25, 2024 G

Respect the box

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543 The ruling concerning using the plastic Duff (tambourine) Marriage Act> Marriage Etiquettes> Fatwas about Family
545 The ruling regarding ululation Marriage Act> Marriage Etiquettes> Fatwas about Family
546 The ruling regarding wearing pants Fatwas about Clothes
550 The ruling concerning saying “Peace be upon him” for others than Prophets and Messengers Words Weighed by Sharia> Miscellaneous Fatwas
551 Concerning the dissolution of a religious marriage contract because of the husband’s procrastination Divorce> Marriage Act End> Fatwas about Family
552 The ruling regarding masturbating for a medical purpose
553 The ruling regarding the fact that a woman learns driving Woman> Fatwas about Family
555 The fact that a woman bears the name of her husband Woman> Fatwas about Family
556 The ruling regarding covering the lower part of a woman's chin Woman> Fatwas about Family
557 The ruling concerning transplanting a kidney of a healthy person into a sick one Fatwas about Medicine
563 The ruling concerning transferring alms of Al-Fitr (an obligatory charity given to the poor just before Aid Al-Fitr) Sawm (Fasting) Rulings> Fatwas about Sawm (Fasting)
567 The ruling regarding the wedding banquet of one in debt Marriage Act> Marriage Etiquettes> Fatwas about Family
568 The ruling concerning corresponding with unrelated women via the Internet Engagement> Marriage Act> Fatwas about Family
575 The ruling concerning delivering a sermon at Al-‘Aqîqa [feast] Aqîqa (the new born sacrifice)> Fatwas about Foods and Drinks
579 The ruling concerning borrowing (money) for An-Naşîka