In the legitimacy of invocations during As-Sujud (prostration) in Sujud As-Sahw (the forgetfulness prostration) | The official website of Sheikh Muhammad Ali FERKUS
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Tuesday 7 Shawwâl 1445 H - April 16, 2024 G

Fatwa N°: 65

Category: Fatwas about prayer – characteristics of the prayer

In the legitimacy of invocations during As-Sujud (prostration) in Sujud As-Sahw (the forgetfulness prostration)


Is it legislated to recite the prostration’s invocations during the forgetfulness prostration?


All praises and thanks are to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds, prayer and peace be upon whom Allah sent as a mercy to the Worlds and his family, companions and followers until the Day of Resurrection, then after:

It is legislated for the forgetful in his prayer to say in the forgetfulness prostration what he says in the prostration in prayer’s core because it is a prostration which is covered by the generality of the texts stated as regards the prostration and its characteristics as well as the invocations that are relevant to it, even more this is desirable for the forgetful. However, it is prohibited to recite the Quran during bowing and prostrating, according to his saying (the prophet) peace and blessings of Allah be upon him and his family:

“Indeed I have been prohibited from reciting the Quran neither while bowing nor while prostrating. As for Ruku’ (bowing) you should glorify the Lord (Allah) -Exalted be He- therein; and as for the Sujud (prostration), you should exert yourselves in invocations because there is a great chance of answering your invocations”(1)

The perfect knowledge belongs to The All-Mighty Allah; and our last prayer is all the praises and thanks are to Allah, The Lord of the Worlds, and prayers of Allah are to Muhammad and his family and those who followed them in the highest level of deeds and worship until the Day of Resurrection.

Algiers on the 14th of Dhil-Hijjah, 1426 H

Corresponding to the 14th of January, 2006 G

(1) Narrated by Muslim (479), from the hadith of Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with them.