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Monday 11 Dhu Al-Hijjah 1445 H - June 17, 2024 G

Fatwas about Salât (Prayer)

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العنوان استمع الرقمsort icon
Praying with clothes containing images of creatures that have souls 824
Taking notes during the Friday’s sermon 682
The ruling regarding the women’s coming out to attend Aïd prayer 633
The ruling concerning making Du‘â’ (invocation) in the prayer using a language other than Arabic 610
Concerning the conditions of the valid Âdhân 608
Concerning preventing [the praying people] from wearing socks in the mosque 596
Hastening to catch up with the prayer 450
Reconciliation between work and congregational prayer 413
The ruling concerning the menstruating woman’s prayer before sunset 244
The ruling concerning renting Al-Waqf (religious endowment) that belongs to the mosque 215
The ruling regarding performing prayer behind an imam offering obligatory prayer before its time 144
Giving lessons before the Friday’s sermon 72
In the legitimacy of invocations during As-Sujud (prostration) in Sujud As-Sahw (the forgetfulness prostration) 65
The Islamic ruling concerning the traveler’s prayer with the congregation 58
The duration during which the traveler could shorten the prayer 56
Making up for Witr (odd prayer) and nullifying it 55
Abandoning the Friday prayer for work 51
Friday prayer for the traveler 48
The legally decreed call to Down prayer 47
Replacing the Waqf (religious endowment) 43
Repeating the prayer of Al-Istikhâra 41
Performing Aïd prayer in school 10
Borrowing the holly Quran from the mosque 9
The ruling concerning praying in a red garment 2